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Castel Winery
Who We Are The Castel Winery CASTEL GROUP was established in Bordeaux, France in 1949 by Founder Pierre Castel and his 8 brothers and sisters. Growing up in the vineyards of Bordeaux, wine was already an integral part of their daily lives. Theirs truly is a family affair. Their driving principle was to share their love of wine and other high-quality products in a way, which fulfills every customer's expectations. With this ethos firmly in mind, in the 50's and the 60's, the Group embarked upon an internal expansion by setting up bottling plants. Keeping intact their special attachment to the internationally acclaimed wine making region of Bordeaux, the Group expanded to other known wine making regions of France like the Loire, the Rhone, Burgundy, Provence, the Languedoc and the South West. watch castel winery video Later in late 60's and 70's, growth continued with a succession of acquisitions; first of regional, then national and finally international companie trading in wine. In the... More
Darsab Trading
OUR CORE VALUE Beyond supplying reliable office goods, we highly value a long-term partnership  and always seek to be your TRUE PARTNER for all your office needs, thus letting you focus on your core business PRODUCTS WE SUPPLY FULL RANGE OF IT & OFFICE EQUIPMENT which includes, Personal Computers, Printers, Copiers, MFPs, Laptops, Inks, and related accessories SERVICES WE GIVE consult on efficient setup & procurement of the right office machines, preventive service support on a contractual basis, office machinery rental(long/short) term, and managed print services (MPS)
Ennet Earth
Ennet Earth soap   is an Ethiopian-owned Beauty, Cosmetic and Personal care brand. Each and every product of Ennet is made from naturally extracted organic matter. we use natural ingredients such as avocado oil, Rosman oil, moringa seeds, activated charcoal, and carrot seed serum oils to produce skincare and facial soaps. also, we produce hair oils from natural eucalyptus leaves and avocado oil that will nourish and help protect your hair.