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Almi Products
ALMI product is a brand of ABAYS Trading P.L.C., which provides Ethiopian spices and snacks manufactured in a small town called Sululta just outside of Addis Ababa. These products are a result of drying, roasting, and grinding several types of spices and grains. Among these are the well-known products ALMI Berbere, ALMI Beso, ALMI Bula, ALMI Mitin Shiro, ALMI Mitmita, and our finest ALMI Kolo. Since the establishment of ALMI products in 2012, we have served the best quality food products for consumers abroad, particularly in the USA. In 2018 we started serving these export standard products to the local market. We consistently monitor our manufacturing process closely and strive to provide healthy and quality products. We are certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).    
Arki Agro Industry
In the 1970s, Tejnesh (Emmodish) Benti was the head researcher in the Experimental Kitchen department of the Ethiopian Nutrition Institute. Her team’s lab work refined traditional recipes, tweaking ingredients and cooking practices to naturally enhance the nutritional value of Ethiopian staple foods. The Institute used these findings as educational resources for its public initiatives, including maternal health and school feeding programs. Emmodish took her expertise into her own kitchen when the Institute was dissolved in the early 1990s. This was when her passion for Ethiopian cuisine really blossomed. She created her own spice blends that she sifted into staple dishes, making her already nutritiously rich meals sing with flavor. Our Company Before she founded Arki, Emmodish began to notice that as Addis Ababa’s population grew, fewer and fewer people had the open air and space necessary to prepare traditional flours & spice blends in their own homes. Increasingly, she would get... More
Bekas Chemicals PLC
BEKAS Chemicals PLC B ekas Chemicals private limited company was established in 1994 and became operational in 1997. It is a family-based company with seven shareholders. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of synthetic detergents, cosmetic products, plastic packing materials, industrial surfactants, and putty. It also deals with the import and wholesale of chemicals and related products. The company’s head office is located in Addis Ababa and has branches in Oromia region, Adama city about 100 km South of Addis Ababa, and other branches in Mekele city, Tigray region which is about 700 km North of Addis Ababa. Addis Ababa is the head office and location of the putty and industrial products manufacturing plant whereas at Adama and Mekele; liquid, powder, and, bar detergents as well as industrial surfactants are produced Bekas chemicals PLC is a company that began the business in a tiny stage and currently runs with about 3.2 Million USD capital and its annual turnover is also more... More