About our company

Kamrach.com is a B2B online marketplace for businesses.

kamrach.com is a B2B online marketplace in Ethiopia that works toward becoming a go-to online marketplace for all businesses for buying and selling products in Ethiopia and Africa.
All-in-one platform to grow your wholesale and distribution business

One platform to transform your wholesale business into a powerful e-commerce platform

  • Sell online
  • Buy online 
  • track orders and
  • manage inventory - all in real-time.
Helping businesses grow is our pride

Kamrach.com empowers small and large-scale businesses to operate more efficiently. We connect buyers to wholesale sellers, in a more transparent way, and empower them to serve their customers better.

kamrach is founded with the aim to revolutionize the way businesses trade and transform the supply chain industry via digitalization. This results in unlocking the maximum value of the retail & supply chain ecosystem with new frontiers created. Kamrach is a B2B marketplace that enables businesses to digitally monitor their orders, products, customers, payments, and insights.

Our Mission

To digitalize existing market practices and minimize human intervention.

To act as an innovative channel for sales and distribution through the use of technology to minimize the cost incurred in setting up traditional channels and passing on the benefits to the stakeholders and the farmers that manufacture the products.

Our mission is to increase product accessibility, transparency, and convenience via digitalizing B2B trading. We create technology solutions that aim to help businesses to be more efficient, agile, stable, and customer-focused.

We believe that every business should have the right tools to adapt to the digital revolution. Today's supply chain technology is the most powerful equalizer, providing access to all here in Ethiopia and Africa.

Our Vision

At Kamrach.com, To provide a fair and convenient online platform that brings the consumers in direct contact with the manufacturers of products which means cutting the middle mad.