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AZZY Caring Hand Wash Liquid AZZY caring hand wash liquid is a best friend of clean, nourished hands. Sophisticatedly formulated, it provides both your hands with a thorough wash and your skin with delicate care. This mild product is free of phthalates, parabens, and triclosan,...
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AZZY dishwashing liquid is an extra pair of helping hands in your kitchen. It’s ideally designed to wipe out even the most stubborn grease and stains, safely and powerfully. A few drops and a simple wipe transform every dish from messy to sparkling shiny. No more boring scrubbing to follow every...
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Washing powder with superpowers for an efficient deep wash. A high percentage of active surfactants guarantee rich foam and strong detergency.
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AZZY Fast-Acting  Glass Cleaner AZZY fast-acting glass cleaner features an enhanced formula, specially created to wipe off the toughest grease and stains from glass and many other washable surfaces. AZZY Glass Cleaner works on metals, mirrors, screens, and tiles. A spray cap...
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AZZY Affordable washing powder is your best choice for fast and cost-effective laundry work. It’s catering to the REAL needs of MAMAs as a supporter in daily challenges to keep their family fresh and clean on a limited budget. AZZY Affordable is formulated to be highly efficient in removing stubborn stains, practically packed, and always within reach.
Azzy Powder Detergent

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