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Canped Adult Diaper XL Large  Top Sheet (Inner Lining):  Polypropylene  and  polyethylene . Absorbent Padding: Superabsorbent ( sodium polyacrylate ), wood fluff pulp,  polypropylene , polyester, and  polyethylene . Back sheet (Outer Lining):  Polypropylene  and  polyethylene  printed...
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AZZY Caring Hand Wash Liquid AZZY caring hand wash liquid is a best friend of clean, nourished hands. Sophisticatedly formulated, it provides both your hands with a thorough wash and your skin with delicate care. This mild product is free of phthalates, parabens, and triclosan,...
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AZZY dishwashing liquid is an extra pair of helping hands in your kitchen. It’s ideally designed to wipe out even the most stubborn grease and stains, safely and powerfully. A few drops and a simple wipe transform every dish from messy to sparkling shiny. No more boring scrubbing to follow every...
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superior efficiency on removing of fatty/oily soil of dishes. It can also be used for car and children clothes wash up. Available in various packages, i.e, ½ kg x 12 pcs, 1 kg x 12 pcs, 2 kg x 6pcs and 5 kg x 4 pcs.
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A high foam powder detergent is used to wash all types of clothes manually.
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Bekram is used to remove rust stains from clothes. Rust stains are difficult to remove from clothes just by formal soaps and detergents. However, Bekram can easily remove those rust stains from clothes and other hard surfaces.  Bekram is mild to hands and clothes.
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Bekgrill helps to remove adherence of foods and others from food roasting ovens and grills.
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Cleanol helps to get hands sanitized killing out germs when applied to hands and spread by rubbing hands together until dry. It helps to keep our health safe where soap and water are not available or not convenient to use.
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Bekas Ajeb is a synthetic detergent bar with a very high cleaning power to wash up dishes and other house hold utensils.
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Bekas Lensa hand wash is made for hand wash completely remove dirts from your hand. Safe for removing normal dirt completely from hands, It has a moisturizing effect that gives your skin a smooth texture.
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A concentrated liquid detergent with a whitening property. Used for clothes wash up & general cleaning. Unaffected by hard water. High detergency, high foaming power, and pleasant odor. Available in various packages, i.e, ½ kg x 12 pcs, 1 kg x 12 pcs, 2 kg x 6pcs, 4 kg x 4 pcs, and 5...
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Benefit - 100 % natural cold-pressed avocado oil - keeps hair strong and its natural color - Good for hair and skin repair of split ends - Good for massage - the smoothness of hair and skin - Good for babies' skin  
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(Natural rosemary oil makes hair skin smoothen the body chemical free) Benefits - Hair Skin and  Body - it is cold pressed - chemical free totally natural - smoothen skin when applied properly  - control premature aging  - control dehydration and reformation of skin it repairs...
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(No chemical added totally natural for hair growth smooth body skin and baby's skin hair massaging their body ) Carrot Oil Benefits - carrot oil has vitamins that is essential for skin and hair  - Makes hair grow  - Carrot oil has vitamin E and Vitamin A for the skin eyes hair immune...
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 is flavored water made by  steeping  rose petals in water.  It is the  hydrosol  portion of the  distillate  of  rose   petals , a  by-product  of the production of  rose oil  for use in  perfume . Rose water is also used to flavor food, as a component in some cosmetic and medical preparations
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SUNVITO 5l New Pure Sunflower oil Rich in vitamin e no cholerstrol 995 Birr ORDER Now
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