How To Buy

Step 1. Click on my account button at the top of the page


Step 2. Click the sign-in button if you already have an account.


step 3. fill in the required information to sign in




Step 4. if you don't have an account register by clicking on the register button 



Step 4. fill in the required information on the page like below



Step 5. Click on the product you want to buy and add it to the cart  by clicking the add to cart button as shown below







Step 6. Click on proceed to checkout button to go to check out the page


Step 7. fill in your address as below enter your first name and last name, enter your phone number and email address and select a payment option method of your choice, and finally accept our terms and conditions.

and click on the place your order button.



and your done you have made your first order on congratulations